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Euskadiko Orkestra | Living Room Music

Four musicians and their neighbour are surprised by quarantine in a flat in a distant city from which they are forbidden to leave. Away from their relatives, confined by obligation with a great deal of bewilderment and nerves, they explore all the elements of the house with which they can make some music.
Music: John Cage, Frank J. Cogollos, Chris Brooks, Jesús Salvador Chapi, Cie Kahlua, Silvia León, Francisco Tárrega, Juanjo Guillem, Mátyás Wettl

  • ProjectMusika Gela, Euskadiko Orkestra
  • Year2021
  • PeopleAna Hernández Sanchiz, Anthony Lafargue, Héctor Marqués, Igor Arostegi, Gorka Catediano, Mikel Cañada, Euskadiko Orkestra
  • ClientEuskadiko Orkestra
  • TeamAsun Lasarte, Carlos Rodríguez, Iñaki Mato, Quartan, Heidi Otaduy
  • PlaceKursaal (Donostia / San Sebastián)
  • Date2021-05-29
  • VersionEuskera
  • CategoryFestivals & Events
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  • ID20230716009