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What is MediaTK?

MediaTK is an online platform designed to catalogue, preserve, share and disseminate the audiovisual memory of companies and cultural institutions.

In its current development, MediaTK shows the audiovisual archive of Morgan Creativos Cine-TV, S.L. (Morgancrea), a creative studio based in Gipuzkoa, produced from 2001 to the present day.

All content hosted on MediaTK has been produced and/or realised by Morgancrea or its partners, whether produced in-house or commissioned.

All the audiovisuals have been produced by staff hired by Morgancrea and/or with the participation of external companies or collaborators from different audiovisual sectors (direction, production, photography, sound...).

MediaTK is available in three languages: Spanish (ES), Basque (EU) and English (EN).

Who manages MediaTK?

MediaTK is a strategic project promoted and designed by the creative studio Morgancrea in 2020. MediaTK has had the financial support of the Sociedad de Fomento San Sebastián through the 'Programa de Ayudas para la transformación de las micropymes y autónomos y el mantenimiento del empleo' (PREK) of 2020, and with the financial support of the Basque Government through KSITek 2021, a programme aimed at the Cultural and Creative Industries (ICCs) for the incorporation and transfer of digitisation technologies.

The web development, based on a CMS4 web framework (with PHP 7 + MySQL technologies), has been developed by Syslan, a company based in Gipuzkoa specialised in the development of digital platforms, e-commerce and customised web developments.

How can I search for content?

The simple search is done from the search engine at the top of MediaTK. After choosing the language in the top right corner, type in any word and the results page will automatically appear, without the need to press the magnifying glass or 'Enter' button. If no results are found, the following message appears: "No results were found with this search".

How does the advanced search work?

The advanced search is performed from the FILTER button on the left hand side of the page. Clicking on it opens a tab containing a list of 7 categories: year, category, project, class, client, people and tags.

Each category contains a drop-down that shows the content of the MediaTK and suggests terms for more refined searches. For example, you can see all the productions made for a client, or all the videos in which a person has participated. You can also combine several search terms. For example, by clicking on '2011' + 'Museums', all productions made during 2011 for museums are displayed.

The elements of the current search are reflected in a grey button above the search results. To undo a search term, simply click on the X next to the name.

The advanced search is designed to refine searches, not to aggregate search ranges. In other words, if we click on '2020' + '2021' not all productions of both years will appear, but only those produced in both years at the same time.

Who appears in the filter 'People'?

In the advanced search, under the category 'People', only those people are shown who have voluntarily participated in a video, either through interviews, as part of a work team or collective, or who have participated as hired actors/performers, on a voluntary basis, etc. The only exception are videos/documentaries made from an individual's archival material, such as performers, directors or artists, for example Edward Hopper.

How are search results displayed?

After performing a search, a panel offering different functions appears above the results. From left to right:

How is the individual page of a video organised?

Clicking on a video opens a page containing different elements:

What are transcripts and how do they work?

Transcripts are the translation into text of the voices in a video and are extremely useful for searching or understanding the content of a video. They allow you to work in three ways:

In some cases, the transcriptions are translated into the three languages of the platform: Spanish, Basque and English.


A playlist is a list of videos sorted by different reasons: videos made for a project, a client, or grouped under the same theme. When you click on 'Playlist', on the top right, you will see a list of all the playlists available. If you are interested in one of them, click on the VIEW button.

There are also private playlists, reserved for sharing with clients in ongoing projects.

Why are there files I can't see?

MediaTK contains three types of files: public, subscriber and private.

How can I subscribe to MediaTK?

Subscription to MediaTK is reserved for Morgancrea clients and professionals, as well as researchers who can prove their interest in the contents. To subscribe to MediaTK, please contact the website administrators via the 'Contact' link at the bottom of the page. Once the request has been approved, you will be sent an email with the access details.

How do I access my account?

To access a registered account, click on the person icon in the top right corner and enter your login details: username and password.
If you have forgotten your password, click on 'Forgot password', enter your username and you will receive a new password by email.

Can I download files?

MediaTK files are enabled for viewing and sharing, but not for downloading. During the production of some projects, there may be a download link within the 'Details' tab.

Can I use MediaTK content?

All content hosted on MediaTK belongs to Morgancrea or its clients. If you are interested in using a video or extract, please contact the site administrators via the 'Contact' link in the footer, including your full name, the organisation to which you belong, the reasons for your interest, how, where and for what purpose the file is to be used, and contact details.

If you want to use the content of the transcripts in text, please include these details. Source: MediaTK, Morgancrea,