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Cuatrosfera | Notting Hill

We have gone to Notting Hill, one of the most visited areas of London on Saturdays by both Londoners and tourists for its famous market in Portobello Road. The neighborhood also became well known thanks to the movie 'Notting Hill' starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. We have talked to locals and strangers to see what they tell us about the place, the market and the neighborhood.

  • ProjectCuatrosfera
  • Year2006
  • ClientCuatro TV
  • TeamAsun Lasarte, Mikel Yarza, Mikel Mendizabal, Zuriñe Porres, Amaia Remírez, Juantxu Beloki, Jone Novo, Miren Aperribay
  • PlaceLondon
  • Date2006-09-06
  • VersionEnglish
  • ClassReport
  • CategoryFilm & TV
  • + Info
  • ID20231115035