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Cuatrosfera | La verdadera historia del Kalimotxo

Piece about the book 'The true story of Kalimotxo' by Funky Projects, which talks about the origin, the evolution, the use of the mixture, the kalimotxero manifesto, the perfect recipe, the story told through vignettes,... The authors tell us all about one of the most consumed drinks by young people and Patxi Troitiño, master cocktail maker and collaborator of the book, offers cocktails made from kalimotxo.

  • ProjectCuatrosfera
  • Year2006
  • PeopleAsier Pérez, Funky Projects, Patxi Troitiño, Yolanda Troitiño
  • ClientCuatro TV
  • TeamAsun Lasarte, Mikel Yarza, Mikel Mendizabal, Zuriñe Porres, Amaia Remírez, Juantxu Beloki, Jone Novo, Miren Aperribay
  • PlaceBilbao
  • Date2006-05-11
  • VersionSpanish
  • ClassReport
  • CategoryFilm & TV
  • + Info
  • ID20231115029