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Malandain | Université du Mouvement

The University of Movement, run by the Instant Présent Association and its founder, Aureline Guillot, a former dancer with the Ballet Malandain de Biarritz, aims to allow amateurs to experience the whole process of creation, from audition to the emotions of performing on stage.
The video shows the work of the third edition held in Biarritz, which 27 amateur dancers have managed to pull off in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • ProjectLe temps d’aimer la danse
  • Year2021
  • PeopleAureline Guillot, Gilles Schamber, Argia Doyhamboure, Julien Tréguer
  • ClientMalandain Ballet Biarritz
  • TeamAsun Lasarte, Iñaki Mato, Itziar Iraola, Heidi Otaduy, Akhonmedia
  • PlaceFronton Plaza Berri (Biarritz)
  • Date2021-09-19
  • VersionFrench
  • ClassCorporate
  • CategoryFestivals & Events
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  • ID20230729009